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This is a photo community for collecting all those interesting roadside sculptures you see while travelling the highways and biways of the world. The giant concrete critters, the Uniroyal Gals, those huge freaking crosses down in Oklahoma. If someone has created something and invited critique from the rest of humanity by sticking out on the side of the road, we want to see it here . We are looking for the wacky, wierd, funny, bizzare and obscure stuff here people.

Just a couple rules.

1. Please don't post a whole series of photos without an LJ Cut. One or two outside of a cut are fine.
2. Photos outside of the LJ cut should measure no more than 575 pixels at the longest dimension.
3. Please caption your photos with location, date, time, camera info if you like and try to give a little back story if you can.
4. The maintainer of this community is wander. My email is dierkerATfrontiernetDOTnet.
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